Why too much of folic acid intake can be bad for you?

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Many of us are acquainted with the significance of folic acid intake for pregnant ladies in forestalling neural tube deformities in babies. Be that as it may, another mouse study suggests that the overabundant intake of the B vitamin could incur unfavourable changes in the immune system, bringing down the body’s capacity to battle diseases. Past studies have demonstrated a relationship between high intake of folic acid and a reduction in the immune system defences expected to battle conditions like viral infections and even cancer.

Details of research conducted on mice

Study in matured mice shows that presence of high folic acid in the body causes lowered resistant capacity. NK cells are imperative for protection against viral diseases as well as cancer and they recognize and attack tainted cells. Debilitation in their capacity might prompt expanded defencelessness to specific diseases, for example, viral diseases. They are especially imperative in the elderly since immune system capacity lessens with age, making the elderly more defenceless to infections and a host of other diseases.

Key discoveries:


The study built up a causal relationship between overabundance of folic acid intake and lower NK cell movement in a matured mouse model.

Mice fed overabundant folic acid had a high extent of gullible and less successful NK cells contrasted with full grown, dynamic NK cells, recommending that their development process had been weakened.

Too much of a good thing is bad

As we know that folic acid is found abundantly in natural food sources, many of us still need an added assurance in the form of multivitamins. This can be a bad thing as when our body is sufficient in folic acid amounts and on top of that we opt for excess intake of the nutrient, the results can be dangerous. Indications from several scientific researchers have shown that high levels of folate can mask deficiency of vitamin B12, aggravate anemia and also worsen cognitive symptoms that are associated with the deficiency of vitamin B12. And to top it all, your immune system tends to become weaker.

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