This Drink Will Burn Stomach Fat 4x Faster, Prevent Cancer, Improve Energy and Remove Toxins

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Matcha or maccha is a finely ground, bright emerald-green tea powder.

It is a natural, organic green tea which has been the heart of the famous Japanese tea ceremony for over 900 years. The Buddhist monks honored matcha tea as the ‘health elixir’ for its potential to heighten the concentration and enhance the metabolism.

Originating in China in the 9th century, matcha was used as a drug for curing various ailments. However, its word somehow got elapsed in China.  It was only after the Zen Buddhist monks from Japan realized its true potential at the end of the twelfth century.

Harvesting of matcha is done by hand to ensure selection of youngest and smallest leaves for the finest quality tea. Unlike other green teas, leaves used for matcha are briefly steamed to protect them from oxidation and preserve its flavor and nutritional content.

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