She Had Itchy Red Bumps All Over Her Skin, But Had No Idea It Was Because Of THIS

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The word “gluten” has almost taken on a life of it’s own in our modern world, thought of as the root of all dietary problems and something that many people have now decided to avoid entirely.

But refusing to eat gluten is more than just a fad, despite the fact that pretty much every “trendy” person you know is now pushing the idea.

Gluten intolerance is very real, and for people with the real, medically-diagnosed condition it is also incredibly painful and bothersome.So many people these days are self-diagnosing themselves are sensitive to gluten without having any real proof, so we decided to collect all of the most common warning signs for you below. If any of this sounds familiar to you, call your doctor right away.

1. Stomach Pain

The number one issue related to gluten intolerance is stomach pain. When someone who can’t digest gluten ingests it, their stomach literally doesn’t know what to do with the food.

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