Putting Q-Tips In Your Ears Is VERY Bad For Your Health, And Here’s Why

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It’s hard to talk about Q-tips and ear hygiene without getting a little squeamish, but your health should be important enough that you put that stuff aside and get to the heart of the matter. It turns out that putting a Q-tip or swab in your ear not only doesn’t help reduce the buildup of earwax but can actually lead to some pretty serious problems.

And you don’t need an MD to figure out why….

As the photo above shows, Q-Tips aren’t really shaped to pull things out of a tight spot. In fact, they often have the opposite effect, driving in whatever they’re supposed to be pulling out. So by putting a Q-Tip in your ear, you might be incidentally grabbing some earwax and pulling it out, but you’re likely jamming a lot more in deeper. 

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