Little Grace Rocks Gorgeous Braids Thanks To Talented Super-Mom

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When I was a little girl, I had long, long hair, inspired by all of my favorite cartoon princesses.

While my teenage years saw me figuring out my best bangs style and chopping off all of those golden locks, my childhood was marked by constantly begging my best friend, who grew up to be a professional hair stylist, to twist my hair into elaborate French braids. Throughout elementary school, every day was a day at the salon, with the pair of us trying out dozens of hairstyles, from the cute to the seriously silly.

Of course, if we’d had the amazing Shelley Gifford to back us up, we would have been the envy of the third grade class!

Gifford, a mom from Melbourne, Australia, grew up knowing how to do relatively simple French and Dutch braids.

She discovered more complicated braiding styles via social media, and began practicing the more difficult looks on her little girl, Grace, and posting them to Instagram.

What do you think of her complex creations? Let us know in the comments below!


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