Kimbo Slice Knocks Out Dada 5000 In One Of The Worst MMA Fights In History

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I am a huge fan of combat sports, including MMA, and I have always regarded as respected Bellator to be an organisation in the same league as UFC. Not anymore.

Last year, at the Bellator 148 event in June, former YouTube sensation-turned professional MMA fighter, Kimbo Slice, was involved in one of the worst fights in history, when he scraped a first-round TKO against veteran, Ken Shamrock.

I was hoping this would just be a bad day at the office for the 42-year-old Slice. I was wrong.

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Slice is quickly cementing himself as one of the biggest embarrassments in the MMA world, after being one of the competitors in a match some people are referring to as “the worst MMA fight of all time”.

Bellator 149 took place last night, and Kimbo stepped into the cage with 38-year-old, Dada 5000. Who would have guessed that putting two barely trained fighters in the same ring would result in one of the most cringeworthy and shameful fights in history? Both Slice and Dada were barely able to stand on their own two feet after the first minute, trading slopping haymakers and uncoordinated punches.

Somehow this continued for three rounds!


Here is video evidence which shows the closing moments of the duel, where Slice wins via TKO, after Dada appears to just collapse from exhaustion.

For me, the worst part of the entire bout is having to listen to the commentators actually try and sell it as an epic match up, when they knew it was just an embarrassment to the fighters, the company, and the sport;

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