I Was Confused When She Put Baby Oil In Her Ear, But Days Later? I Can’t Believe The Results


Babies are delicate. And when it comes to taking care of their sensitive skin, you need to be careful what sort of products you use. Baby oil has been around since the 1930s and it remains an unchanged staple of baby skincare. In this time, baby oil has helped a lot of parents alleviate their baby’s dry skin. People have also learned that there are many more applications for baby oil than just moisturizing baby bottoms.

Baby oil is composed of a synthetic mineral oil that is highly available and very cheap to produce. It is affordable, has an extremely long shelf life, and can be used for tons of helpful tasks in and around the house. From enhancing your baths to getting knots out of jewelry, this oil is anything but infantile. It should be a part of your bathroom supply drawer even if you don’t have a baby. If you’re still not sold, check out the following 16 best alternative uses for baby oil.

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