A Star Wars Fan Spends $300,000 On Botox to Look Like Jabba the Hutt

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LOS ANGELES, CA – A 41-year-old Star Wars fan from California has spared no expense after undergoing massive surgery and an exhaustive 300 botox injections to resemble his childhood hero, Jabba the Hutt.

Antonio Carreras has invested more than $300,000 and underwent several surgical operations as well as adopting a strict diet high in calories to become the identical copy of the notorious criminal, Jabba the Hutt, in time for the release of the newest episode of the popular Star Wars saga.

“The results of the operations are simply staggering,” admits the 41-year-old fan. “I could barely hold my tears when I first saw the results,” he admits in tears. “Jabba the Hutt commands respect and everyone fears him. I was the victim of a lot of bullying as a child and the character of Jabba the Hutt, even though he is fiction, has comforted me many times throughout my childhood” he told reporters, visibly emotional.

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