Let’s face it, everyone wants firm breasts that don’t sag. Most women experience problems with gravity as they start aging, or if they have recently lost weight. As a result, women spend huge amounts of money in the quest of finding the perfect bra that seems to make everything right again. You might be surprised to know that there are ways to prevent your ta-tas from sagging in the first place, and they don’t involve getting implants either, and they are relatively inexpensive.

Read through this list of eight ways to safely prevent boob sag.

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1. Keeping your pectoral (chest) muscles strong can help.

Bench presses with dumbbells or barbell weights will work well if done a few times a week. Having a strong layer of muscle in your chest will generally keep the skin firm on your chest, giving your boobs a boost.

1. Keeping your pectoral (chest) muscles strong can help.
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2. Avoid sudden weight loss, which can cause loose skin.

Obviously weight loss is an important and healthy thing, but when it comes to your breasts, this extra skin can cause some drooping and sinking. Try to gradually lose weight instead so your skin can catch up to all of that weight loss.