I have the fortune of working in a busy downtown environment comprised of overpriced offices and businesses that charge exorbitant amounts of money for goods and services usually free anywhere else – like parking for my vehicle. In an effort to save money when I first started, I bought a bus pass to commute to work. I’ll leave out the annoying parts about waiting in the rain and cold for a bus that seems to never show, then stopping every 1/4 block to pick up people too lazy to converge at the same stop even though they were close enough to have a civil conversation with each other.

My favorite part of the whole ordeal was the amazing people you would encounter, people just like the ones you will find here. I’ve never asked you for anything, but please keep your phone handy when riding public transport and send me the funny photos you snap. Might just make it in an article.

1. You can just follow that gaze and connect the trail of judgement dots all the way to the promised land.

23 Reasons You Should Never Ride Public Transportation via Reuters / Carlo Allegri

2. I don’t know why these people are smiling. I saw this picture and dropped my s— and ran. I’m writing this article from my phone in the hallway now.

23 Reasons You Should Never Ride Public Transportation via reddit /u/ Nuaky