Hormones are such an important part of our lives, but it never really occurs to us how important they are until something goes wrong with them. And as you reach some major milestones in life, your hormones can make their presence known in a big way.Unfortunately, these changes can have some annoying effects on your daily life. But understanding them can mean the difference between suffering in silence and reclaiming your sense of comfort.But first, it’s time to find out exactly how you know your hormones are out of balance. These 15 problems, you may have thought were just part of life, could be key to figuring out what your hormones are telling you.

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1. Chronic fatigue

Everybody feels a little tired sometimes, but if it’s happening to you all the time, it’s probably your hormones. If you’re getting too much progesterone, you’re going to feel more like sleeping.

Another cause of tiredness is thyroid dysfunction. A blood test will help you find out which one it is.

1. Chronic fatigue
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2. Insomnia

Of course, it’s also possible for your progesterone to be too low. If this happens, you’re going to have more trouble than usual getting to sleep and — just as importantly — staying asleep.