Cleaning the bathroom is lots of fun! Okay, that’s a lie — it’s actually probably the worst place in your house to clean. Bathrooms are generally a hotbed for muck, grime, gunk, funk, and a whole bunch of other nasty. Cleaning your bathroom will never be fun, but the process can be made quicker and easier with these handy and helpful bathroom cleaning hacks.

Generally, people resort to hardcore chemical cleaners when they’re cleaning their bathroom. This is understandable, considering the icky stuff you have to deal with. These chemicals can be unpleasant and harmful, though, and there are safer, easier, and cheaper alternatives out there. These hacks may not make bathroom cleaning a joy, but they certainly will make your cleaning day a little more pleasant.

1. Scrub the Tub with a Salty Grapefruit

Scrub away bathtub grime and rust with this easy and fresh-smelling hack. Apply a liberal layer of coarse kosher salt to a half pink grapefruit. Wet your tub to make it slightly damp and then get to scrubbing. You will likely need to apply more salt as you go, and if your tub is particularly dirty, you’ll need a whole grapefruit. When you’re done scrubbing, rinse away the salty, pulpy juice and enjoy your clean and freshly scented bathtub.

1. Scrub the Tub with a Salty Grapefruit
via Ashley Poskin / Apartment Therapy

2. Meet the New All-Purpose Cleaner

Hydrogen Peroxide is a simple and Earth-friendly cleaner that can do any number of wonders in your bathroom. Hydrogen Peroxide is an antibacterial and antifungal solution that can do everything from cleaning your tiled floor to disinfecting your toilet bowl. Put it in a spray bottle for easy cleaning, but be sure you don’t leave it stored in a clear container, because exposure to light can reduce its effectiveness.